Founder & Chair of Trustees

I’m Declan, Founder & Chair of Channels. I am responsible for the strategic direction of the charity, our overall partner relations and the day to day operations of our schools offer. I founded Channels as a result of my own experience of inequality in education.

I had little guidance when applying through UCAS, no mentors and no idea what careers existed outside of my local area. Despite this, I’ve gone on to secure a training contract an international law firm, win NEON’s student of the year and be admitted to the Royal Society as the Arts as a Fellow. I’m keen to ensure that my story is not the last of it’s kind, and give pupils in the East Midlands the opportunity to thrive just as much as if they lived in London.

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Senior Trustee

I’m Al, and I’ve been working alongside Declan on starting Channels since April 2020. As a Senior Trustee and Head of Projects, I support Declan on the full spectrum of our work, be it writing internal documents, meeting with potential partners, or strategizing with the rest of the Trustee board.

My main responsibility is building our Higher Education Virtual Internship (HEVI), which is our attempt to provide our pupils with the chance to envision, and thus prepare for, exactly what the application process will look like and what to expect when at university.

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Trustee & Project Leader

I’m Thalia, a Trustee of Channels, and the Project lead for Channels2. I’m hoping to bring animated and simple versions of career industries and demystifying UCAS applications for students to make industries more accessible.

Outside of my work with Channels, I read law at the University of Warwick, and hope to work within commercial law once I graduate. I grew up in rural Norfolk, where no one in my immediate, or extended, family went to university. Neither my state secondary school or sixth form college had an extensive careers service or an alumni network full of city solicitors, so I was left to this research by myself. It is so important for all students to feel supported whilst at university, and this was my main motivation for wanting to join the team.



Trustee & Treasurer

I'm Oliver, and I have been working on Channels with Declan since its inception. As Treasurer and Trustee, most of my work is behind the scenes keeping the finances of charity smooth and planning for the future. I also work closely with the rest of the Trustees planning for the future. 

Outside of the Channels, my main interests are coding, climbing and cooking. Where possible, I try and bring my quantitative interests and experience back into my work at Channels. My primary responsibilities are tax planning and general financial administration. 




I’m Gabriel,  and I’ve been working with Channels since its beginning. My role is primarily in researching new opportunities for furthering access to higher education for college students and presenting it in an accessible way. This is important to me because I come from an underrepresented background and I’m also the first in my family to go to university, so I wholly understand how difficult it can be to find out this information on your own.

Outside of Channels, I’m interested in learning about public policy and international politics, and I have a passion for writing, both articles and creatively.