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Careers Consultancy & Audit

Channels offers a comprehensive consultancy service for the education sector, drawing on the vast professional experience of our volunteers to help identifiy the strengths and weaknesses of a school or college's career provision via an audit. Then we work with the school or college to implement reccomendations that help the school to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks and develop the 8 essential Skills Builder skills in their pupils.

The Process

Our Careers Consulting Programme operates on a four step process.

Step 1

You fill out our inital consultancy request form, which takes some basic details and is then processed by one of our professional volunteers.

Step 2

A member of the Channels Trustee team, who will act as your dedicated relationship manager, will get in touch and arrange a time for you to speak with the team about your schools current careers provision, what you would like to do better and how we can help

Step 3

Our professional volunteers will use the information from that meeting, alongside any additional information, to generate a report measuring your school's provision along our 16 key metrics.

Step 4

The team will present their findings to you, and outline reccomendations that we can implement. This could include building employer links, running events or workshops in the school, creating mentoring programmes, or other support as necessary.

You are able to commission a report (steps 1 to 3) free of charge, while the implementation of any reccomendations comes at a small cost (based on what the provider can pay) in recognition of the time and work needed to implement the reccomendations.


All funds are re-invested into our charitable programmes and priced significantly below private sector offerings.

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